PRE MSI X99A SLI KRAIT VYDANIE Desktop PC Doska set 2011-3/DDR4 x99m x99 základná doska V3 V4 pc herné základná doska x99

PRE MSI X99A SLI KRAIT VYDANIE Desktop PC Doska set 2011-3/DDR4 x99m x99 základná doska V3 V4 pc herné základná doska x99

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tento model nemá na MSI webové stránky, je to Jednoduchá verzia jeho Parametre sú podobné MSI X99A SLI, môžete jeho aktualizácia bios z X99A SLI on-line

Vezmite prosím na vedomie svoj CPU model, kedy predám túto základnú dosku, vďaka


CPU (najvyššia podpora) i7 CPU slot 2011-3 Čipová Sada Intel® X99 Express DDR4 pamäte 2133/2200*/ 2400*/2600*/2666*/2750*/3000*/3110*/3333*(*OC)MHz Pamäť kanál Quad Počet pamäťových slotov 8 Maximálna veľkosť pamäte (GB) 128 SATA Express rozhranie 1 M. 2 rozhranie 1 Systém autobus 100 / 125 / 167MHz PCI-E Gen Gen3 PCI-E X1 2 PCI-E X16 4 USB 3.1 rozhranie (prepojovací) 2 Rozhranie USB 2.0 (predné) 4 Rozhranie USB 2.0 (prepojovací) 2 Rozhranie SATAIII 10 (2 x portami, ktoré sú kompatibilné s 1 x SATA Express port) USB 3.0 rozhranie (na prednej strane) 4 RAID typu 0/1/5/10 NIC rozhranie 10/100/1000*1 TPM 1 USB 3.0 rozhranie (prepojovací) 6 Audio Rozhranie (Prepojovací) 5 + Optický S/PDIF OUT

  • Typ Pamäti: DDR4
  • Certifikácia: CE
  • Package: No
  • Typ Grafickej Karty: Integrovaná-potrebné CPU support
  • Certifikácie Kvality: ce
  • Pätica Typu: LGA 2011-3
  • S CPU: No
  • Chipset: Intel X99
  • Názov Značky: ONEVAN
  • Aplikácia: Plochu
  • Chipset Výrobca: INTEL
  • Maximálna Kapacita Pamäte Ram: 128 GB
  • Číslo Modelu: X99A SLI KRAIT EDITION
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Porty: ŽIADNE
  • Položka Stav: používané
  • Form Factor: ATX
Www Madepinto2010 2020-11-27 Delivered to the point of issue in 6 days, the fee is working! Inserted 2678 v3, started without problems! M2 NVMe is working! Normal fee but better take gaming 7. 5/5
Esperanzasinangote 2020-12-22 The order was sent very promptly. Packed securely. Included: Mat. Board, back panel and SATA cable. The state of the motherboard is like a new product! Tested with Xeon E5 2678v3 processor and server (ECC Reg) RAM. Perfectly work in four channel mode two RAM modules on Micron chips and two modules on Samsung chips. The processor and RAM were earned on the native BIOS (v3.1) without pereprovoshchnogo. For this mat. The boards are suitable bios from the model x99a SLI. Important: If you want to sew a fresher bios, I advise you to first read the information on this topic, because. There are nuances. BIOS type: AMI UEFI (has a graphic shell); Russian language supported; wide capabilities for tuning and acceleration (Control of fan speed, adjustment of RAM timings, etc.). Mat. The board has a very good processor power subsystem (120W TDP-easy). In general, there is no claim for the work of mat. Deserved five stars for a high level of service and quality of goods! 5/5
Korobeynikov1971 2020-12-28 Excellent external condition, no traces of use are visible. In the kit there is a backplate and an additional SATA lace. It didn't come fast. The seller packed Standard, 2 meters of navel, in which to wrap the board and an ordinary small box back to back. Lucky that the delivery did not crumple and did not break. I did not check the performance, I'm waiting for the rest. The seller is satisfied, I recommend. 5/5
Maiboroda 1986 2020-12-20 Received very quickly-less than 2 weeks. Everything works, looks like new. I'm testing in pairs with Xeon 2678v3. Measure the temperature is not good, but in stress texts the hand is patient 5/5
Greta Bimba 2020-10-13 This is an OEM version of MSI X99A SLI Plus. The motherboard works flawlessly, but you would need a CH341a to flash the latest BIOS from the MSI website. I was able to achieve 4.3 GHz with mine E5-1660 V3. For more information search "miyconst msi x99-s04" on YouTube. 5/5
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