Modul napájania AC 110V na 220V DC 24V 6A AC-DC Prepínanie Napájania Rada Podpora

Modul napájania AC 110V na 220V DC 24V 6A AC-DC Prepínanie Napájania Rada Podpora

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Štítky: prípade wavgat, recom otočný spínač, 9v dc stepdown, breadboard solderless, ac dc tričko, hx711 modul, elektrický spínač pomocou časovača, dc dole krok, tabule, modul zera.

Materiál: Elektrické komponenty

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Vstupné napätie:AC85-265V


Výstupné napätie:24V DC

Výstupný prúd:4A-6A

Výstupný výkon:100W

Prepäťová ochrana:áno

Nadprúdová ochrana:áno

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Množstvo: 1Pc

Poznámka: Vzhľadom na rozdiel medzi rôznymi monitory, obrázok sa nemusí odrážať skutočný farba položky. Ďakujeme, že ste!!

Balenie obsahuje:

1Pc x Prepínanie modul napájania

  • Aplikácia: AC Modul Napájania
  • Druh: elektronický modul
  • Package: modul
  • Napájacie Napätie: 110V/220V na DC24V
  • Číslo Modelu: AC / DC Modul Napájania
  • Prevádzková Teplota: -40°do+85°
  • stav: Nové
  • Názov Značky: WAVGAT
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Strata Sily: 6A
Pinzaru Igor 2021-01-30 To Lugansk delivery 15 days! I'm pleasantly surprised. The power supply is packed in a package and in a box. Everything is reliable. The box slightly crumpled but everything is whole. On the board are visible slips of flux. Washed with alcohol and toothbrush. On the radiators there was a chip on the opposite side of the fastening of the parts. You need to remove, otherwise it can fall and short that you do not need. Soldering in principle is good. There were a couple of nuances on the soldering of the diode bridge, but purely aesthetic. And so everything is well soldered. Connected to the outlet, the voltage in the network is slightly understated, 190-200 V. At the output stably 23,9-24,1 v. load for testing on the resistor 130ohm. 5/5
Shahterdonetsk 2020-09-24 Everything is fine. The order is executed and delivered quickly. Normal power supplies. Good assembly, correct schematics. I take them the second time. To the seller Thank you for the goods and service. 5/5
Julien Sa 2020-10-01 It came in time, the goods were tracked, from the mail came a receipt, in the application "Post of Russia" dvnnyai track was not registered. Flux partially do not wash, high-quality element base, field on the radiator without thermal paste, diode assemblies mbr20200ct-2 PCs, diode bridge inlet gbu608, Thermo rizistor ntc5d, jycdr 100 MKF/400 V / 105 ° capacitor PWM on Ms 1200p60, Output throttle and three capacity jycdr 1000mkf/35V/105 °, terminals at the inlet and outlet of the BP under the screw, small resistors with four digit code, that is, more accurate. I'll check it out, I'm happy with the goods. 5/5
Rokas Abrutis 2021-01-28 Checked the real load of 80 W by changing the voltage to 19 V (for its needs) heated most of the diode secondary temperature up to 60 ° C without the case at well, the rest of the power elements are colder. Pulsations at this load I think that there is no. The output voltage can be changed by replacing the R11 with a multi-speed potentiometer of 20 Kohm. got 19b at 15.3 com. Boldly falls to 13 V, but under load it is launched after 3-5sec, after pumping PWM. 5/5
Anacruz Asp 2020-12-14 Supplied in a small protective box. It is also in an anti-static pouch that guarantees additional protection against static electricity problems. The turntable is of excellent manufacture and well arranged. Communication with the seller is easy and fast. All of this deserves an inch up. Intended to be a spare part it will be tested soon. 5/5
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